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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Consumers Beware of Scam for Rental Late Fees

Most consumers remember to lock their doors and windows at night, it is just as important for consumers to protect themselves from fraud.  Criminals can defraud unsuspecting consumers in a moment through mail, email, internet, or the telephone.  It is crucial that consumers remember to safeguard their information and money.

The Kansas Attorney General is warning Kansans of a telephone and mail scam claiming collection of Hollywood Video late fees as reported on KMBC’s website.

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State Bankruptcies

The new bail out plan? State unfunded pensions, labor contracts, general obligation bonds – all unsecured debt? The former Speaker of the House is calling for a bill to support state bankruptcies. Should states be able to file bankruptcy? They cannot right now because they are considered sovereign. Proponents of the bill however say that… Continue Reading