Can I represent myself in a bankruptcy case or do I need to hire a Kansas Bankruptcy Attorney?

Can I represent myself in a bankruptcy case or do I need to hire a Kansas Bankruptcy Attorney?

We get this question a lot. We know that funds are already tight — that’s why you are considering bankruptcy. So, do you really need to come up with extra money to hire a Kansas Bankruptcy Attorney or can you go it alone?

Legally, you can file any case you want to on your own — pro se. You act as your own lawyer and you will be treated as one as well. But when it comes to filing for Bankruptcy — you really do need an experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer on your side, and here’s why:

Bankruptcy is a very complicated area of law. There is a petition, schedules, and related documents that must be filed. Various documents must be provided to the Trustee assigned to the case. There are multiple deadlines that must be honored and additional issues can arise throughout the course of a case. In addition, all of this must be taken care of in compliance with both Federal Law and Local Rules.

A very unfavorable outcome can result for the debtor that wants to represent themselves. In the end, you may have to hire an attorney to pick up the pieces or worse — your case can be dismissed. Only by hiring a thorough Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorney can one take advantage of all legal remedies available to them. Our attorneys guide clients through the process step by step, as such, there is no reason for them to go through this difficult time alone.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases should only be filed by an experienced Kansas City Metro Bankruptcy Law Firm. Our bankruptcy lawyers are here to help people get a fresh start, through competent and timely service. Therefore, we do not recommend debtors try to represent themselves.

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