Fees & Payment Plans

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Fees & Payment Plans

For all cases our fees and payment schedule are upfront and easy to understand. There are no hidden fees or add-on expenses. Once you meet with one of our attorneys, you will know the exact cost of the services and benefits we will provide on your behalf. Walden & Pfannenstiel offers competitive rates and exceptional service.  We know it is difficult to take the first step; however, we are here to explain your options in a casual, confidential, and non-judgmental environment.


Flat Fee

Bankruptcy is billed upon a flat fee. A flat fee is an agreed upon amount that will cover the necessary attorney and Court filing fees. The client, in a majority of cases, will not pay anything beyond the flat fee. This is an important factor. Many law firms may quote you a lower initial fee to get you in the door and get your paperwork started, but they do not disclose all of their fees. With Walden & Pfannenstiel you will know exactly what service to expect and what your affordable rate is going to be, there are no surprises.

Little or no money down options are available for those debtors filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  If you agree to make your monthly plan payments to the trustee through a wage withholding order, we are able to offer clients affordable filing options.  The total attorney fees and amount, if any, required before filing is determined on a case by case basis.  The court filing fee in Kansas cases can be paid through your plan.  Missouri filers will need to pay the Court filing fee before the case is filed.

Clients filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy will need to pay their attorney fees and Court filing fee in full before their case is filed.  We offer flexible payment plans so our clients are able to retain our services and take the first step to financial relief without having to make one large lump sum payment.

The Bankruptcy Court charges you an “administrative fee” to file your case. These fees are Federally set and we MUST charge them in addition to the agreed upon attorney fees. The Bankruptcy Court filing fees effective June 1, 2014:

Chapter 7:  $335.00

Chapter 13:  $310.00

Our office accepts cash, money order, personal check, or cashier’s check.  We are unable to accept debit or credit card payments for bankruptcy cases.

In office Consultation

The flat fee is determined at the time of the client’s in office consultation with the attorneys. The amount of the flat fee is often dependent on the complexity of the case. Remember, Your quoted attorney fee + Court’s Federally set filing fee = Your individual flat fee.

We offer FREE in-office bankruptcy consultations. The consultation is the client’s opportunity to meet with an experienced Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorney to have their bankruptcy related questions answered. The bankruptcy lawyer will review bankruptcy procedures, debt relief options, and evaluate the best course of action for the client’s individual financial situation.

A typical consultation will last 30 minutes — 1 hour.

Flexible Payment Plans

Walden & Pfannenstiel offers flexible payment plans in all legal areas for the convenience of their clients. Getting necessary legal assistance is not out of your financial reach. A payment plan will divide the agreed upon attorney fees and Court filing fee into manageable payments based on each client’s circumstances. Many times clients prefer the payment plan instead of attempting to set aside the money on their own. No legal work is completed until the full agreed upon Court filing fee and attorney fees are paid. In addition, we offer reduced fees and other discounts to our loyal clients who chose to hire the firm for their other legal matters.


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