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Living Will

Will your last wishes be known?

What is a Living Will

A Living Will is the oldest form of an advance directive. It is a written statement that expresses your desires with regard to health care treatment if you were to become mentally and/or physically incapable of expressing those desires.

Many people have heard of a Living Will and remember the legal battles that have surrounded it. However, few truly understand what it is, when it goes in to effect, or if having one prepared for them is in their best interest.

When a Living Will Goes In To Effect

A Living Will can include, but need not be limited to, instructions concerning the termination of life support. However, this document only goes in to effect if two physicians have determined you are terminally ill.

Living Will As A Personal Choice

Although the Living Will is regularly discussed by some attorneys as just another document in your Estate Plan, it is not. Living Wills tend to provoke more questions and personal and religious concerns than many other Estate Plan documents and should not be taken lightly.

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