Pay a Fee

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Make a Debit Card or Third Party Credit Payment via PayPal

  • By checking the “I agree” box I acknowledge and understand that I am not allowed to pay my attorney fees or costs for my case by using my personal credit card and list such payment of fees on a credit card as a debt in my bankruptcy proceeding. I understand that I am allowed to use my personal debit or check card for the payments.

    Credit card, debit card and other card payments may be accepted from third parties who agree to pay these fees on my behalf. However, these payments must still be disclosed.

    In addition, in the event of non-compliance with this agreement, I understand that the issuing credit card company may object to my bankruptcy discharge. Walden & Pfannenstiel, LLC may recover any damages incurred as a result of my bankruptcy filing, as well as attorney fees incurred in seeking collection of such amounts.

    I understand my payment is subject to PayPal Processing Fees of 2.9% + .30 (or current PayPal Processing Fees at time of payment). I may include the Processing Fee now or pay it at a later date.

    I have already spoken with the office of Walden & Pfannenstiel, LLC regarding payment arrangements (you should NOT be making an online payment without an Attorney / Client Agreement).