Putting Your Affairs In Order

Putting Your Affairs In Order

We have already talked about the importance of Estate Planning and making sure you are covered for the “what ifs”. You know that you need to have a Last Will & Testament, Powers of Attorney, and Non-probate Transfers in place. You are aware that you can learn more about these vital documents or have them prepared on your behalf by contacting us today or at 913.438.1112.

But, what about the emotional, logistical, and familial aspects of Estate Planning — Are you prepared? Is your family?

For example, a woman recently went to her doctor. The doctor, after an examination, sighed and said, “I’ve some bad news. You have cancer, and you’d best put your affairs in order.”

The woman was shocked, but managed to compose herself and walk into the waiting room where her daughter had been waiting.

“’Well daughter, we women celebrate when things are good, and we celebrate when things don’t go so well. In this case, things aren’t well. I have cancer. Let’s head to the club and have a martini.”

After 3 or 4 martinis, the two were feeling a little less somber. There were some laughs and more martinis. They were eventually approached by some of the woman’s old friends, who were curious as to what the two were celebrating. The woman told her friends they were drinking to her impending end.

“I’ve been diagnosed with a STD.” The friends were aghast and gave the woman their condolences.

After the friends left, the woman’s daughter leaned over and whispered, “Momma, I thought you said you were dying of cancer, and you just told your friends you were dying of a STD.”

The woman said, “Yeah, well, I don’t want any of those women sleeping with your father after I’m gone.”

While that is indeed ‘Putting Your Affairs In Order’ – we’ll have some more practical suggestions for you next week.

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