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Advantages Of Estate Planning Documents

Along with your Last Will & Testament, there are several other basic estate documents you should consider. Take a look at the advantages of:

Powers of Attorney
• Establishing a powers of attorney is inexpensive.
• You can decide who should make decisions on your behalf if you are unable.
• You control whether your agent has general or specific power.
• The document can require the agent to become bonded or to give an account of his or her transactions.

Living Will
• Provides you with the authority to reject medical treatment.
• Provides your family and health care professionals a clear description about the types of treatments you wish to have.
• Prevents arguments among family members.
• Prevents your family from going through the strain and difficulty to decide to keep you alive or not.

Non-probate transfers
• Avoids expense of probate
• Avoids delay of probate.
• You can change beneficiaries or revoke transfers at any time, retaining full control of the property throughout your lifetime.
• No risk to you or co-owners.

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Estate Planning for the What Ifs

The official start of summer is right around the corner. As the weather heats up families head to the highways to begin their long anticipated summer vacations. Families are going to enjoy horseback riding, river rafting, hiking, and other various fun filled activities. During these care free, relaxing times no one wants to think about the dreaded “what ifs.” Continue Reading